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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Time Coding Form

Time code form

This is my first time code form that I have ever completed, and it is done for lab 1B. Overall for the first time being able to see where my time goes when I teach, I think my form came out good. As a teacher I need to time away time from instruction and add more time to activity. Check it out for yourself.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lab B1

This is my video for lab B1. I learned a lot of information about my abilities to teach from this lab. Overall, I was really nervous while teaching. First off when I was holding up my sign with the cues my hand was shaking which made the sign shake too. I don't think the students noticed, but just noticing myself made me even more nervous. I practiced over 15 times at my apartment everything I was going to say while in front of the class, but when it came to the real thing I left a couple major pieces out of my lesson plan. Firstly, I did not say my safety statement which is very important so the kids do not fool around and get hurt. I also did not demonstrate what I wanted the students to perform. I was lucky this time because my task for the class was so easy to grab just from explaining it. I know there are going to be times when just talking is not good enough for the students. I need to make sure everything I do is clear for the class and that means I always need to perform a demonstration.

One thing I thought I did really well with this second lab is I projected my voice and had confidence in everything I said. I noticed that in order to be a good teacher you need to have your kids believe in what you are saying. This overall means I need to have confidence in myself before I can have the students I am teaching believe in the things I am saying. I also thought I did a good job getting the students into the lesson. I had the students call out "GOT IT" every time they hit the target. I thought for me as the teacher this was good because I knew what students were getting it and which ones were not. This way I could go around and give each student the proper feedback that they needed.

Overall I am excited about the next lab because I know what I need to do. I need to demonstrate and remember all the pieces of my lesson plan like I did in the first lab, and I need to have confidence like I did in the second lab. If I can bring all the pieces of the puzzle together I think I can really impress my classmates with my performance.