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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Splash ball!

For my final lab I got to teach in the water. I wanted to do something the students would find fun and something other than the traditional freestyle or backstroke drills. When I looked online for idea's on what to do for my final lab I saw a lot of information on water polo. I thought this looked really interesting so then I decided to look up how to properly play water polo. The rules were hard to teach in a 20 minute lesson so I wanted something simpler. Then i found a modified version of water polo that would work perfectly for my lesson, splash ball!

Lab D ran up on me quicker than I expected. I only had a couple days to come up with a good lesson to give to my classmates. I was really nervous going into my lesson because swimming has never been my strongest category. I do play softball though so I knew a lot of good throwing activity's I could have the students perform so I incorporated them into my lesson. I was really impressed with how much feedback I gave to the students. In prior labs before this one it was my weakness. I also thought during lab d that I did a good job on making my tasks the same for very activity. I noticed in other labs I tend to get off subject on what I want the students to learn. I made sure in this lab that when the students threw the splash ball I wanted the elbow higher than the shoulder and a wrist flick and when the students caught the splash ball I wanted soft hands.
Overall I learned a lot in 255 through all my teaching labs. I noticed that I improved in many areas and I know there is still areas that I need to work on. I am growing everyday as a teacher and eventually I will become a rock star p.e teacher!

Below are some documents for my lab d
Lesson plan
Progression sheet
Progression sheet 2
Time Code Form

Thursday, November 4, 2010

What is Hurling?

I currently just got done teaching my lab c! It was fun because this lab was international games and activities. My partner and I decided to create our lesson on hurling. I have personally never heard of this sport prior to this lab but my partner said it was interesting, and it was! I found out hurling is a combination of lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball played mostly in Ireland. Hurling is played at a very fast pace with passing and dribbling mixed with swinging, it is such a unique activity.

The Video below is my first attempt at teaching Irish Hurling.

Here is a transcript of my video.

When I first started to watch lab c I got happy because I can see myself improving. I thought I did a good job narrowing down the tasks I wanted my students to learn. For example in lab B2 I noticed I had the class focusing on to many aspects of ultimate Frisbee. I wanted the students to concentrate on catching and throwing the Frisbee which I know now is too much for the class to think about in one lesson. In lab C I wanted to focus just on one aspect of the game at a time and I did. This was ball handling skills in Hurling. Also during this lab I thought I did a really good job in the way I carried myself. When I watch this video back I can tell I feel confident in what I'm saying and the way I move around the gym. I am learning a lot of new teaching techniques through all these labs but I know I still have A LOT to learn.

When I look at my time code form I noticed I spent a massive amount of time giving directions. It is very obvious if you listen and watch my video I spend too much time talking and not enough time having the class move. This is starting to become a trend in my lab videos that I need to work on. When I look at the video above I notice my tasks were very beginner and I spend half of my time giving directions. Overall I need to practice making my directions short and on point to the topic. I also noticed in the video above and from my feedback analysis form that I do not give enough specific feedback. The feedback I gave to the students this time around was very board and given to the class as a whole.

Overall I have one more lab this semester. This means I have one more shot to put everything together correctly then its on to the next step of my teaching adventure!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ultimate Frisbee!

At some points in the video it is hard to hear what I am saying so here is a mp3 audio clip of my lab.

Above I am teaching a lesson on ultimate Frisbee. Lab B2 was very interesting to me. I was teaching Ultimate Frisbee which is a game I do not know very much about. I had to do a lot of research online this time around for example lesson plans. Previously I have either made my own skills or got told what skills to teach. I thought overall I got my point across to the class. I started off talking about exceptions and went right into the drill i wanted the students to do. This drill was called the line drill. I thought the drill went well and efficiently but I know I did not space the students out well enough. When the students made a bad throw the frisbee tended to intrude on others space.
I thought this time around I improved in some areas. For example for lab B2 I demonstrated which I did not for lab B1. I also thought I looked confident in the way I talked to the students. Overall lab B2 was a success and I see myself approving as the labs continue.

Below are forms that break down my lesson individually, so take a look.

Time Coding Form

Feedback Analysis Form