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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Splash ball!

For my final lab I got to teach in the water. I wanted to do something the students would find fun and something other than the traditional freestyle or backstroke drills. When I looked online for idea's on what to do for my final lab I saw a lot of information on water polo. I thought this looked really interesting so then I decided to look up how to properly play water polo. The rules were hard to teach in a 20 minute lesson so I wanted something simpler. Then i found a modified version of water polo that would work perfectly for my lesson, splash ball!

Lab D ran up on me quicker than I expected. I only had a couple days to come up with a good lesson to give to my classmates. I was really nervous going into my lesson because swimming has never been my strongest category. I do play softball though so I knew a lot of good throwing activity's I could have the students perform so I incorporated them into my lesson. I was really impressed with how much feedback I gave to the students. In prior labs before this one it was my weakness. I also thought during lab d that I did a good job on making my tasks the same for very activity. I noticed in other labs I tend to get off subject on what I want the students to learn. I made sure in this lab that when the students threw the splash ball I wanted the elbow higher than the shoulder and a wrist flick and when the students caught the splash ball I wanted soft hands.
Overall I learned a lot in 255 through all my teaching labs. I noticed that I improved in many areas and I know there is still areas that I need to work on. I am growing everyday as a teacher and eventually I will become a rock star p.e teacher!

Below are some documents for my lab d
Lesson plan
Progression sheet
Progression sheet 2
Time Code Form

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