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Thursday, November 4, 2010

What is Hurling?

I currently just got done teaching my lab c! It was fun because this lab was international games and activities. My partner and I decided to create our lesson on hurling. I have personally never heard of this sport prior to this lab but my partner said it was interesting, and it was! I found out hurling is a combination of lacrosse, field hockey, and baseball played mostly in Ireland. Hurling is played at a very fast pace with passing and dribbling mixed with swinging, it is such a unique activity.

The Video below is my first attempt at teaching Irish Hurling.

Here is a transcript of my video.

When I first started to watch lab c I got happy because I can see myself improving. I thought I did a good job narrowing down the tasks I wanted my students to learn. For example in lab B2 I noticed I had the class focusing on to many aspects of ultimate Frisbee. I wanted the students to concentrate on catching and throwing the Frisbee which I know now is too much for the class to think about in one lesson. In lab C I wanted to focus just on one aspect of the game at a time and I did. This was ball handling skills in Hurling. Also during this lab I thought I did a really good job in the way I carried myself. When I watch this video back I can tell I feel confident in what I'm saying and the way I move around the gym. I am learning a lot of new teaching techniques through all these labs but I know I still have A LOT to learn.

When I look at my time code form I noticed I spent a massive amount of time giving directions. It is very obvious if you listen and watch my video I spend too much time talking and not enough time having the class move. This is starting to become a trend in my lab videos that I need to work on. When I look at the video above I notice my tasks were very beginner and I spend half of my time giving directions. Overall I need to practice making my directions short and on point to the topic. I also noticed in the video above and from my feedback analysis form that I do not give enough specific feedback. The feedback I gave to the students this time around was very board and given to the class as a whole.

Overall I have one more lab this semester. This means I have one more shot to put everything together correctly then its on to the next step of my teaching adventure!

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