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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ultimate Frisbee!

At some points in the video it is hard to hear what I am saying so here is a mp3 audio clip of my lab.

Above I am teaching a lesson on ultimate Frisbee. Lab B2 was very interesting to me. I was teaching Ultimate Frisbee which is a game I do not know very much about. I had to do a lot of research online this time around for example lesson plans. Previously I have either made my own skills or got told what skills to teach. I thought overall I got my point across to the class. I started off talking about exceptions and went right into the drill i wanted the students to do. This drill was called the line drill. I thought the drill went well and efficiently but I know I did not space the students out well enough. When the students made a bad throw the frisbee tended to intrude on others space.
I thought this time around I improved in some areas. For example for lab B2 I demonstrated which I did not for lab B1. I also thought I looked confident in the way I talked to the students. Overall lab B2 was a success and I see myself approving as the labs continue.

Below are forms that break down my lesson individually, so take a look.

Time Coding Form

Feedback Analysis Form


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