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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Daily Burn!

1.) I think the daily burn program is great. Before using the program this week I had no idea something like this was out for the public to use. The daily burn is a great way to reach your goals. The program tracks your workouts, sleep and nutrition. It also gives you suggestions, motivation and different challenges. The daily burn lets you see your progress along the way and i think this is a great way to motivate people. When you can see the changes that are happening to your body it makes you feel good about yourself. I also think the daily burn is a great program because it sends out reminders of the exercises for that day. To me this pushes me to get the workouts done. As I said before I have never heard of a website like the Daily Burn. I do think this is a great way to workout and be healthy but I will not continue to use the daily burn. I play softball and we have our own work out plan that I need to do everyday. Overall, I would continue to use the daily burn if I did not already have a work out program.

2.) The Daily Burn program would be perfect for a physical education program. The daily burn could be used to accomplish the recommended Regent's Level for learning standard #1B. Learning standard #1B says that students should know how to create a personal fitness program. Through the Daily Burn the students can learn their individual and group weakness's and strength's. Through these weakness's and strength's the students can put together a personal fitness program that is suitable to them. To establish individuals goals for the students I would have them go onto the Daily Burn website and pick out a challenge that they would want to complete. This would have to be a reachable challenge that the students can reach easily in a certain time frame. To establish group goals I would have students in groups of three and that group would have to find a challenge to complete together. This challenge would have to be something advance such as a certain distance the students need to run in a month or however long the Daily Burn unit went on for. The group would be each others motivators and on the web site the students would have to leave comments encouraging one another to reach the challenge.

3.) An electronic tool that can be used for capturing data is Picasa. Picasa is a picture program that lets you organize your pictures and documents. If picasa is open on your computer it allows you to take screen shots of what your doing on the internet. This means that whatever website is open it will take a picture of it and it will get saved in picasa. This can be a good way for reporting the recommended regents level for learning standard #1A. If the students in the class take screen shots every week they can visually see what they are good at or what they need help with. The teacher can also have the students print out these screen shots so he/she can see if the students are performing basic motor and manipulative skills and if they are attaining competency and proficiency in them. I used the Picasa program to get my results onto this blog below. It was very simple so I think if the students can learn how to take screen shots this can be a great way to see their progress.




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